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Comenius University Bratislava is a modern European university. It is the only Slovak university to be regularly placed in the international rankings of the best universities in the world. With 13 faculties, it offers the widest selection of study programs (currently 731) at three levels, and several of these study programs are the only ones of their kind offered in Slovakia. There is a wide range of areas of human knowledge to choose from when studying, be it in medicine, humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, theology, and much more.

Comenius University is a research institution that runs hundreds of domestic and international research projects. As a result, many of the students engage in important research during their studies and can actively participate in projects, grants, and professional internships (including abroad).

Every year Comenius University sends the highest number of students abroad out of all Slovak universities, and it receives the most international students, including from such places as Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Norway, Iceland, Iran, and Spain. CU currently hosts 3 000 international students from all over the world, which is more than 12% of all students at the university.

Schwerpunkte des Bildungsangebots

Biological Chemistry, Central European Studies, Environmental Studies, Management, Management and Law, Social and Educational Psychology, Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Applied Informatics, Cognitive Science, Computer Graphics and Geometry, European Studies, Law, Mathematics, Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics, Plasma Physics, Solid State Physics, Theoretical Physics


Students of grammar schools, students of high schools, degree-seeking people at all levels of study - Bachelor, Master, Phd. 


Applicants for Bachelor's degree programs should be in the last year of their grammar schools/high schools studies, or have already completed their grammar schools/high schools studies. Applicants for Master's degree programs should be in the last year of their Bachelor's studies, or should already have their Bachelor's degree completed.  


The tuition fees vary according to the programme. The tuition fees start at 0 Eur (Central European Studies, for EU citizens only. Typical tuition fees are between EUR 1 000 and EUR 3 000 per academic year. Study programmes "General Medicine", and "Dentistry" cost EUR 10 900, EUR 11 990 per academic year respectively.

Dauer der Ausbildung/Weiterbildung

Bachelor degree - 3 years.

Master degree - 2 years (after finishing Bachelor's degree at our or another university)

PhD. - 3 years (after finishing Bachelor's degree at our or another university)

Joint degree - 5 years (General Medicine, Dentistry), 6 years (Pharmacy)