BeSt³ Material

Here you will find material and information on the corporate design for the coverage of BeSt³ Vienna. If you have any questions, please contact the Fair office Vienna.


The font “The Sans” is used for all BeSt³ types of printing. You can also use the logo below (replacement font, license free). The $ symbol bears the BeSt³ logo.
For Windows and Mac-OS:
Download File:


The following colors are used:
CMYK: Logo 100% Yellow / 100% Magenta; Background 100% Yellow
Pantone: Logo Red = 185C; Background Yellow = Yellow 012C

Logos for Printing

General logo templates for further processing (for printing and all other applications): The vector format can be resized without loss of size. Attention: Postscript format can only be processed with postscript-enabled programs!

For Windows and Mac-OS:
Postscript format / 4-color (EPS)
Download File:
Postscript format / black and white (EPS)
Download File:

Application of the Logo

Use this logo (red, 100Y / 100M) on a generous yellow (yellow = 100Y) surface. The logo may not be limited to a yellow rectangle.

For BeSt³-Printings the logo should be positioned in the upper left corner and clearly appear in the overall picture (minimum size eg for posters, handouts, etc. about 1/8 of the area or 12.5%).

Under no circumstances may the logo be altered in any way, distorted or used in a wrong color. Please only use the original template (Tiff “logoprint_4C” or vector format, see EPS).

Download File:
Logo on a yellow background, Tiff format, resolution is sufficient in offset printing for about 12cm width.

Here is a logo for use on a white background:
Download File: BeSt_logo_auf_Weiss.jpg
This logo is only intended for third-party publications where a generous yellow background can not be guaranteed, but NOT for posters and other types of BeSt³ printing.

Logos for Web

Not scalable, not suitable for printing:
Logo on a yellow background, gif format, big
Download File: BeSt_logoweb_big.gif
Logo on a yellow background, gif format, small
Download File: BeSt_logoweb_small.gif


Banner 750X120 2023.gif

Banner 728x90 2023

Banner 450x60_2023


Press Photos

You can download press photos and use them free of charge. Please provide the following photo credit at publication: BeSt³ Wien